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Apptimate is an ERP solution enriched with
all the features that a Business needs to
Plan, Execute, Monitor, and Optimize all of their flows


Trusted by 150+ businesses

from 13 sectors around the globe

Apptimate is Apptimus Tech's signature Enterprise Resource Planning system with end-to-end
enterprise management features. We have gone from showing highly positive impacts on the businesses to
completely transform many businesses to achieve the unimaginable.
Here are some of Apptimate's primary features.

Products Management

Manage all your products and services along with their categories, brands and other segregations

Sales Management

Manage your sales orders, sales, and deliveries. Apptimate POS is available on multiple platforms

Inventory Management

Manage all sorts of inventory transactions, inventory notifications, and inventory levels as needed

Customer Relationship Management

Manage leads, orders, interactions, and conversions


HR Management

Manage your Human Resources, their attendance, salaries, efficiency, and performance


Finance Management

Manage financial transactions, transaction reminders, and perform all sorts of financial analytics


Apptimate can be integrate-able with ecommerce modules, and other external systems as needed

Notifications and Reminders

Apptimate is equiped with advances notifications module that let you be aware of everything

Powerful Reporting

Know all the HOWs, WHATs, WHEREs, WHYs, and everything else through our powerful reportings

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Why do Companies need an ERP System?

An ERP System like Apptimate serves as the brain to the whole business. Everything that are being done interms of business transactions, workflows, and other operations can be tracked and monitored by the ERP.

Increase Productivity

Apptimate will point out your bottlenecks, and the less efficient resources so that they can be optimized fully

Save unnecessary Costs

Increasing the productivity will automatically cuts down the unwanted costs and boost your ROI as desired

Happier Customers

Apptimate CRM lets you manage your customers efficiently, and make sure that the customers are served well

Complete Control on the Business

Since all the business processes are tracked and monitored, you will have a great grip on the business

Our team

We are a team of 40+ highly motivated, innovative & experienced software engineers, business analysts, QA Engineers, and domain experts.

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